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Catarina Campino

Catarina Campino

<Head of Detail> && <Bootcamp Momma>
<Academia de Código_>

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For this humanist artist (accidentally) turned start-up hustler, no idea is too big and no detail is too small. Learning all about everything is her profession, and having all kind of ideas is her vocation. Obsessed by unique people and their hidden-in-plain-sight “superpowers”, she feeds on (intelligent) humour and is driven by (good) music. Reality is her archenemy and (so far) she has NEVER left the playground. Although initially trained to work solely in the official realms of creativity and disruption, she has never been afraid of tackling new challenges: Believe it or not, she can currently be found working as <Head of Detail> && <Bootcamp Momma> @ <Academia de Código_>, where she daily strives to help snatching talented minds out of unemployment && || dead-end jobs' claws by making them (successfully) go through intensive && immersive full-stack programming bootcamps. She is also permanently eager to find enough free time to go back to her daily Hip Hop dance classes, where she used to feel as happy as can be.

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